An Intelligent Design

The RONKER Wallet has an intelligent, patented design that ensures that the wallet stays as thin as possible, even when filled.

RONKER wallet compared with a regular wallet (same contents!)

Thin wallets are not exactly rare, but bear with us here. The big difference is that the RONKER wallet is designed for everyday use in Europe. This means that the wallet also holds coins in addition to bills and cards, without your wallet increasing in thickness.

The Concept

The two main features that keep the wallet as slim as possible are the card- and coin pockets.

The card sleeves are of an incredibly thin, cleverly folded and extremely wear-resistant material. No more thick leather layer between each card. And just because of this, the RONKER wallet with content is probably thinner than your current wallet completely empty.

But it gets better; the coin pockets are placed below the cards instead of on top of them. As a result, the thickness of the coins does not add to the thickness of the cards and the wallet remains thin, despite the coins.

The smart layout ensures that the thickness of the coins does not add to the thickness of the cards (the self-closing coin pocket is shown opened here)

Two Versions

The RONKER wallet is available in two materials: Cordura and Nappa leather.

Cordura is an extremely wear resistant, sturdy and waterproof material that is very light. It is also used for motorcycling clothing, for example. Our Cordura wallet is the thinnest, lightest and most wear-resistant choice. Do you value the endurance of your daily wear items, can your life style can be classified as “adventurous”, are you are really serious about ultra-thin and ultra-light, or are you just not a fan of leather? Then the Cordura version of our wallet is for you.

Our version of Nappa leather is the more classical choice. This wallet has an extremely nice feel to it. The leather is as soft and as thin as possible. If you okay with giving a few grams and a millimeter here and there for a wallet that looks nothing short of amazing, then the Nappa leather version is the best choice.


And for the production we also went for quality (of life). For both versions you can assume that your wallet has been produced under excellent working conditions. The Cordura version is assembled in a small-scale factory in Vietnam and our Dutch intermediary makes sure the working conditions for the employees comes first. The leather version is produced in a larger factory in India and has the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certificate and is a LWG (Leather Working Group) Gold member. And our Dutch intermediary for this factory can be found on the factory floor regularly as well.