Privacy statement

In the following text you can read how we handle your personal data.

Storage of Visitor data

You can visit our website without having your visit directly linked to your person, as long as you are not signed in with a user account. Visitors data such as the name of the requested data, date and time of visit, the sent and received data and the requesting Internet provider are stored. This data is used to promote the proper functioning of the website and allows us to better respond to the wishes of our visitors, and is not directly linked to your person.

Collection and use of your information when executing a contract and the opening of a customer account.

We collect personally identifiable information when you make it available in the context of an order, a contact request or when creating a customer account. We use the data for the handling of the contract, the processing of your questions and the availability of your data for any subsequent order. You can request the deactivation of your account using the contact information below.

Passing on of data when fulfilling of the contract:

To fulfill the contract we give the necessary data to third parties. Address information to the sending party and payment information to the payment vendor, or the payment service.

Use of Cookies

To make a visit to our website a pleasant experience and to make some functions possible, we use cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your machine. Some cookies are automatically deleted when a browser session is terminated (called session cookies) and other cookies are retained to recognize you during a subsequent visit (called Persistent cookies). You can set your browser to inform you about cookies that are placed or that it does not allow storing cookies at all. Refusing some cookies may prevent the website from functioning correctly.

Right to information and contact possibilities:

You have the right to have the data stored with us removed, as far as is legally possible. To do so, Please contact us via our e-mail address