RONKER Wallet Cordura


The RONKER Wallet has an intelligent, patented design that ensures that the wallet stays as thin as possible, even when filled.

There are two main design features responsible for this:

  1. The patented coin pocket is below the cards, not on top of them.
  2. The material between the cards is extremely thin.


This is the wallet out of Cordura. There is also a Leather version available.


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The Features:

When designing the wallet we changed everything that’s annoying about wallets. It turned out to be quite a few solved annoyances as you can see in the list below:

  • A super slim wallet which carries coins without getting bulky!
  • Patented design that makes sure the thickness of the coins does not add up to the thickness of the cards.
  • Thin, wear-resistant, high-tech fabric for minimum thickness between the cards.
  • Very wear-resistant Cordura material for the outside and the coin pocket.
  • Coins are directly visible when opening the coin pocket. Spend your coins instead of hoarding them!
  • Stiffened coin flap can’t open when the wallet is folded, so your coins always stay where you left them.
  • Minimally higher rear panel ensures easy and quick access to your bills.
  • It is impossible for the cards to slide out of the wallet when it is folded.
  • The stepped and shallow card pockets make sure that you find the card you need quickly and that you can take it out and put it back easily. No more searching and picking at your cards to get them out!
  • Two pockets for bills so you can separate cash and receipts for example.
  • Edges at the top of the bills pockets make sure that your cash does not slide out of your wallet when it is folded.
  • Produced fairly.


The Numbers:

  • Sizes of about 12 x 10 centimeters when folded. Suitable for basically every pants pocket.
  • Weighs about 32 grams.
  • Has 8 card pockets (but will fit 10 cards if needed).
  • Has room for about 18 Euro in coins. Easily enough for everyday use.
  • Can fit a stack of bills about 5mm thick.

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